DECORATION PRINTING - High quality decoration can be critical to the success of a product, particularly in the advertising, promotional and drinkware market. USB offers in-house decorating, encompassing all the decoration techniques:

1) SILK SCREEN PRINITING -   The company's printing department can decorate round, flat and flat-oval bottles, and offer multi-pass printing of several colors to very tight tolerances, using both conventional and UV printing technology.

2) TAMPO PRINITING -   USB can pad print across areas that are otherwise difficult to print or are heavily contoured containers.

3) SHRINK SLEEVING -   The company can offer full 360-degree wraparound coverage on containers of most shapes and sizes using full-body shrink sleeve labels.

4) LABELING -   USB Plastics offers pressure-sensitive, roll-fed, orientated labeling in all sizes. Equipment is engineered to ensure a high degree of accuracy and repeatability of label placement, including spot labels, base labels on jars, and wraparound labels on containers.

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